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There’s nothing better than watching your young ones having gloriously splatty, squelchy, squishy, messy fun. Well, actually there is – when you don’t have to clean the gooey, gloopy remains up afterward! That’s just one of the many reasons why parents find our Messy play events so much fun.

They have told us that they love to watch their little ones crawl off into a new adventure, even if they are often a little shy elsewhere. It’s all about exploring the touch and feel of their world and enjoying such sensory experiences in a secure and welcoming local environment.

Why Messy Play Benefits Children

  • It Fosters Curiosity, Imagination and Exploration.
  • It Encourages Communication and Language Development.
  • It Practices Good Concentration and Nurtures Future Skills.
  • It Promotes Physical Development.
  • It Supports the Ability to Play Independently.



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